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(1) Cheat or use, develop or distribute automation software programs ("bots"), "macro" software programs or other “cheat utility” software programs or applications which are designed to modify the Services or crazytao2018 experience is not allowed.

(2) Exploit, distribute or publicly inform other users of any game error, miscue or bug which gives an unintended advantage or allows impersonation of another person.

(3) Multiple family maps are not allowed, one family map per IP. IP address will get checked if this happens.

(4) Making Multiple accounts to keep doing the quest are also not allowed if this happens IP address will get checked as well.

(5) No swearing on broad cast.

(6) English only on broad cast.


(1)Do NOT chainchop or move the boss of any event into market! this will result in punishments been handed out.

(2)Do NOT use Invisablity OR ChainChop OR Flying Chop on any of the main Event Bosses.

(3)Standing on Loot that drops on the floor is NOT a rule. You may stand on fallen loot.

(4)Do NOT use more then one account while taking part in any of the events.

If you brake any rules you will get a warning first but if you brake the rules again consequences will happen.

More rules will be added thought out.