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Exp Rate - Medium
Drop Rate - Medium
Compose Rate - Medium

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TPS Potions

5 4x TPS Potion = $ 10 USD


Level 50 +12 Elite Gears 2 soc = $20 USD

SuperGem Pack

1x Malachite&Citrin Pack = $15 USD
* 4 x SuperMalachites
* 8 x SuperCitrines

1x Malachite&Tigers Pack = $15 USD
* 4 x SuperMalachites
* 6 x SuperTigersEye
* 2 x SuperCitrine


Level 255 = $35 USD


VIP 2 = 2 AutoTps Per 3 Kills.

VIP 3 = 3 AutoTps Per 3 Kills.

VIP 4 = 4 AutoTps Per 3 Kills.

VIP 5 = 5 AutoTps Per 3 Kills.

VIP 6 = 6 AutoTps Per 3 Kills.

VIP 7 = 7 AutoTps Per 3 Kills.

Higher VIP Level Higher Auto Tps And Faster Bulk Hatcher.

VIP Levels = $10 USD Each.


Open All Legion Totems = $ 10 USD

Refund Policy

CrazyTao2018 will not provide refunds under any circumstances. If you are banned, you will not get a refund. If you change you mind you will not get a refund, we are 99% guarantee that you will receive your donation award. But if you’re not ready to take these minute risks, please refrain from donation to CrazyTao2018. It’s not integral for you to donate, it’s completely optional as well its not a shop of any kind!

Donation Rewards

When you donate to CrazyTao2018, it is understood that you’re donating at your own risk. Donation items are exclusively rewards for your consideration into donating to CrazyTao2018. You’re not paying for any service, you’re donating to keep our servers up. We’re not selling virtual items, when you donate, you take the risk(s) involved in donating as listed in the “Refund Policy”. We 100% guarantee you that all donations go for the maintenance for the website and servers.